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Learn How To Spy On Text Messages And Keep Your Children Protected

Have you ever wondered how easy is to spy your children’s cell phones? How to spy on text messages at a first glance looks like that it’s a rocket science but believe me it’s just like a child’s play and if you have the right set of tools you can spy anybody’s cell phone. Snoopra is one such tool that can help you spy any phone you want and without having physical access to it. Physical access to the target cell phone is required only for setup and once it’s done you’ll be able to monitor everything remotely.


Snoopra is a cell phone monitoring application that can be installed on the latest Smartphones. It works quietly and collects all the data required for monitoring then it uploads all the data logs to a web server. From that web server you can monitor everything remotely just by logging-in to that web server. If you start using Snoopra you’ll never have to ask anybody that how to spy on text messages as this app is easy to use and everything on its online dashboard is intuitive.


Snoopra will work seamlessly with most of the latest Smartphones which are Android based, iOS based or BlackBerry OS based.


 Android 2.1 or above

 iOS 4.0 or above


 BlackBerry 5.0 or above


Any brand will work whether it’s Apple, BlackBerry, Samsung, HTC, ZTE, Huawei, Acer, Asus, Dell, LG, or any other. Just be careful about the OS version while installing Snoopra.


With Snoopra you can view call logs of your child and this will enable you to keep a check on who is calling your child and at what time. You’ll also be able to listen to recorded. You can view both sent and received text messages of your child. You can monitor internet activities like internet browser history and bookmarked web pages. You can track the Geo location and can view location history of your child at any time and from anywhere. Other activities that you can monitor with Snoopra include appointments, phonebook, and captured photos. With Snoopra you can keep a remote check on your child’s instant messaging chat logs from services like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, iMessage, BBM and Gtalk.

Now you know how to spy on text messages of your child so start using Snoopra and keep a close check on your child’s internet and cell phone usage.

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What Makes StealthGenie Better than Other iPhone Apps: Geofencing Technology!

There seems to be a very cut throat competition among the various mobile spy apps in the market. And when it comes to iPhone, the competition takes an interesting turn as not all the apps can truly do justice with iPhone monitoring. In such a case, where almost all the features are the same with all the apps, StealthGenie seems to be taking the lead with its latest feature- Geo-fencing. So if you ask what sets StealthGenie apart from the rest of the iPhone apps? Geo-fencing is the answer!

Other Apps- a roundup:

Okay so there are apps that say they are totally free- forget them altogether! There is no such thing as free technology- remember that! So these apps are poorly designed, have no concern with providing you reliable services. There may be any reason behind them being free. So it’s best not to trust something that requires a lot of effort and brains and yet is totally free.

Then, there are apps that are extremely cheap- may be for a couple of bucks a month! That is still unimaginable because it is absolutely impossible to get quality features at such low prices.

There are some mediocre priced apps that are most common among parents and employers. They are safe to use and you know what you are paying for. But in contrast, there are some high-[riced apps as well. They have an impressive layout and may impress you with flowery words. You may even fall for them because often we hold high cost and quality equals. This is not the case,. There is hardly any spying app that is overpriced because it offers you better features! They are all the same with different packaging!

The StealthGenie factor:

I have been doing extensive reviews on StealthGenie for quite a while and this one app has been constant in innovating and is not overpriced too. You can get that form also tame rates but the difference is clearly visible.

Recently StealthGenie has rolled out very interesting feature, Geo-fencing for iPhones. This feature is currently the hot topic among tech gurus who are readily testing it and informing their followers about it.

Geo-fencing iPhone:

If you have kids or employees that need to be monitored and they own an iPhone, you can easily Geo-fence their iPhones virtually! Installing StealthGenie on their iPhones will let you mark unlimited places as safe or unsafe on your StealthGenie account. You will get instant alerts as soon as your target iPhone user leaves or enters area(s). This does not require you to log on to your account each time you want to check on them rater, StealthGenie send you automatic alerts via SMS, e-mails or both. So internet connectivity on your device is not necessary!

Go for Bold!

So why go for ordinary spying apps when you have a better option? I’d suggest StealthGenie because it has what makes it stand out from other spying iPhone apps: Geo-fencing!

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How an iPhone tracker helps you in insuring a better future for your child

Whoever you are, wherever you live in the world, you are not going to feel any different than what a parent feels for their child. To secure your child’s future, studies are extremely important for them. Teenagers nowadays spend unnecessary time on their smartphone and fail to give proper time to their studies. Fun time should be there, but parents need to make sure that children maintain a proper balance between fun and studies. An iPhone tracker helps parents in monitoring their kid’s smartphone usage with ease.

No need to worry:

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world; it doesn’t even matter what time it is. You can monitor the cell phone activities of your children from anywhere in the world, at any time you want to. StealthGenie works in the background of your child’s cell phone without letting anyone know about its presence inside their cell phone.  

Suitable phones:

iPhone models running on iOS 4.0 and 5.0 run amazingly well with StealthGenie. This includes iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S models. All you need is a User ID and password from StealthGenie along with an internet connection. With all this by your side, you will be able to view the entire cell phone data of your children with ease.

Phone data and Internet access:

All the pictures, videos and audio files stored inside your child’s cell phone are shown to you with the help of StealthGenie. Nowadays children access everything through the internet. To avoid children from accessing illicit content on the internet, parents are provided with the entire web browsing history of their children. They may even view all the pages bookmarked by their children.

Call records:

Complete records of every single call made to and from the cell phone of children are shown to parents with StealthGenie’s help. You even get to see the total duration and the exact time of all calls. Parents also have the option to record any single call or even record all the calls if they want to.

Securing lives:

You can never find any better help anywhere in the world other than an iPhone tracker to ensure a balance between studies and fun time for your child. StealthGenie helps you secure the future of your child for an unbelievable low price of just $8.33 a month.

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Advanced Mobile Spy Apps: Which One is the Most Reliable?

Mobile spy apps may be on our wish lists but it often becomes a bit laborious and confusing to choose the right apps. From the clutter, there is however one app that will give you more than others- StealthGenie happens to be most reliable spy app trusted by more than 100,000 parents and employers.

Why Most People Trust StealthGenie?

For a product to get this massive clientele there is a good solid reason. In StealthGenie’s case, what I have inferred, it is because it is totally undetectable. Parents and employees trust StealthGenie because it does not let the target phone user know about it. Yu can spy on them with full confidence. Another reason might be the features- the mainstay of StealthGenie. You can utilize these features in a variety of ways because you can:

  • Read SMS, emails and chats
  • Listen to call recordings
  • Check contacts and call history
  • Log web history and bookmarked sites
  • Find exact location and view location history
  • View pictures and video files
  • Get alert on SIM change

StealthGenie’s X- Factor:

What really adds the awe factor to StealthGenie is the exclusive features and that’s why it has more than 100,000 subscriptions within a very short period of time. StealthGenie has the following exclusive features:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free updates and upgrades
  • Recording phone surroundings
  • Instant alerts on predefined words, calls and e-mail IDs
  • Backup and delete data or lock phone remotely
  • iMessage and WhatsApp spying

So now it is possible to listen to all in-room conversations and also know it instantly if any inappropriate person contacts your kids or employees. Remote controls ease spying for you because now can simply send a remote control prompt via SMS and enable r disable any feature o full app.


StealthGenie is a 100% stealth mobile spy app that will help you keeping strict parental and employee control. It has three packages and maximum features that will cover all your monitoring needs. You will find it better than other mobile spy apps because it has some exclusive features at affordable prices.
I’d highly suggest you to seriously consider StealthGenie because unlike other mobile spy apps, StealthGenie has the live customer support and free updates as well. Buy StealthGenie today and forget all your monitoring worries forever because the Genie knows its job the best!

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The Cell Phone Spy That is Better than the Rest!

‘So many cell phone spy apps in the market but which one to go for?’ that is the question that concern most parents or employers have these days. Free cell phone spy apps are never recommended so you need to be extra careful while spending on the spy app.

The Preliminaries:

Before you finalize your decision to buy a certain cell phone spy app, make sure that it has:

  • All the necessary features
  • After-sales services
  • Substantial amount of clientele
  • Affordable subscription packages
  • No unethical approaches towards spying
StealthGenie- It’s Got It All!

These points, simple as they may seem, are extremely important and complex in reality. These tricky points are hard to verify and so the job of a critic is to suggest a certain product that already all the essentials. Similarly, the app that has all the aforementioned points is StealthGenie.

StealthGenie runs in the background of the phone on which it has been installed and secretly uploads all recorded data. It cannot be uninstalled by anyone but you and it is 100% undetectable. So you can spy on your kids and employees effortlessly.

The reason why I suggest StealthGenie is that it focuses on the ethical usage of the product and therefore discourages using the product to spy on spouses and limits to spying on kids and employees on which you have full rights on. But still it does emphasis on the fair and legal usage.

With free updates and 24/7 StealthGenie, you can have the best out of your StealthGenie cell phone spy app. Below are the regular features followed by the exclusive features offered by the Genie:
  • SMS, e-mails and chat records
  • Call history and contacts
  • Spy call
  • Record phone surroundings
  • Audio/video gallery logs
  • Web history details
  • Geo-location tracking3location tracking history+
  • SIM change alerts
  • Trigger alerts
  • Remote control panel
  • SMS prompts to control features
  • Remote control on target phone apps
  • Remote phone lock
  • Remote data backup and deletion

The Down Side of Genie:

StealthGenie team still has to improve on a lot of things like it has to come up with software updates for iPhone iOS 6 and Android OS 4.1. Second drawback is that it does not support Symbian and Windows phones. Internet connection is needed on both the ends of spying activity and thus it might hamper the spying experience in general.

But of you don’t want to spy on Symbian or Windows phones, that people have rarely now, and have iOS 5 or Android OS 4.1 to spy on- StealthGenie is the best possible option. It is to be noted that it runs better on BlackBerry phones as well. Plus, the prices are pretty afror4dable starting at $8 a month.

I recommend StealthGenie cell phone spy app to all the concerned parents and employers and trust me- I’m trusted on that!

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